Node Operator Mechanisms (NOM) - Strategic Initiatives Lead
Node Operator Mechanisms (NOM) - Strategic Initiatives Lead

Node Operator Mechanisms (NOM) - Strategic Initiatives Lead


Node Operator Mechanisms (NOM) is a contributor workstream responsible for helping the DAO and the wider node operator community research, define, adopt, and collaboratively implement policies and procedures around node operator registry management, node operator onboarding, node operations, and protocol performance and health.

NOM is looking for a Strategic Initiatives Lead who will work with the rest of the workstream and especially in a cross-workstream setting to help support or lead the execution of key products or initiatives related to validator sets and node operators.

This is a full-time consultant position working for Pool Maintenance Labs. As part of the role, you will be assigned to a client project to support the Lido DAO. As a PML consultant, you are free to work from anywhere. This is an asynchronous remote position and hours may vary, but most coordination touch points occur during times when all parties can reasonably attend.


  • Collaborating on and potentially (depending on the core direction of the product) leading, cross-workstream products and initiatives such as Staking Router modules, the Node Operator Portal, and other open frameworks for Lido user and community collaboration
  • Assisting and leading in the execution of NOM core activities, including but not limited to:
    • Organizing and executing Node Operator application and onboarding rounds
    • Monitor Node Operator performance, raise alarms and escalate appropriately and timely with relevant parties
    • Gathering and analyzing data from various sources (internal and external), and working with the other DAO contributors to develop models, reports, and dashboards for the public and users of the Lido protocol e.g. stakers, node operators, community members, etc.)
    • Writing and publishing articles, reports, research pieces, etc. on staking from an operational, technical, or economic perspective
  • Plan, monitor, and analyze key metrics for the day-to-day performance of team duties to ensure efficient and timely completion of tasks
  • Represent the NOM workstream in industry working groups and at industry conferences


  • At least basic understanding of Proof of Stake protocols
  • Experience in product or project management or leading, or similar experience leading teams of experts (e.g. audit or consulting engagements)
  • Strong critical thinking and the ability to zoom in/out of detail as needed based on circumstance and challenge at hand
  • Strong stakeholder management and negotiation skills in both internal and external settings
  • Knowledge of data synthesis, analysis, and computer languages (e.g. python, SQL, scripting etc.)
  • Knowledge of multiple operational functions and principles, including basic modelling, customer service and content production
  • Very strong organizational and communication skills, including writing
  • Strong working knowledge of industry ecosystem and business acumen


  • Contribute from anywhere in the world
  • Competitive compensation level
  • Flexible schedule
  • Compensation for education, including language & professional growth courses
  • Equipment & co-working reimbursement program
  • Overseas conferences, community immersion
  • Token Rewards Plan

If this challenge sounds appealing to you and you wish to change the world order* we would love to hear from you!

*for the better! 🙂

We follow the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion. All applicants will be considered without regard to race, national origin, preferred NFT, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or disability.

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